PICTURE THIS: The day before your wedding, a big protest happens in another part of the country. This triggers the assembly of other protests, which pop up in many major U.S. cities - including yours. (True story.)

If your wedding is in downtown Boston, chances are you will be impacted. Not only by the heightened police presence for potential incidents, but also the excessive crowd, traffic and possible road closures. 

It's the night before your wedding. Who calls all your vendors to notify them of any potential detours? Asks them to arrive earlier or later? Reroutes them into a different parking garage? Helps your photographer find a new location for your first look, because the one you chose is smack dab in the middle of the protest location?

Answer: Not the Venue Coordinator. 

Ok, ok, ok. This is not a common scenario. BUT - it can happen. (And it did, to one of my couples.)

In any case - the Venue Coordinator is there for just that, the venue. It is in the venue's best interest to help you with your event, a happy couple = referrals = more happy couples. But - while they may coordinate the catering & staff, help you with the setup of your tables, chairs, tablescapes and other details - they are not there solely for you. 

Photo by Rachel Buckley Weddings

Photo by Rachel Buckley Weddings


First let me say, I have had great experiences working with Venue Coordinators. (I particularly love the girls over at the UMass Club!) They make some parts of my job easier - and vice versa. But - they are not there to make sure all of the little details surrounding your event happen on your schedule. In fact - most of the time they leave after dinner is served.

And what about all of the events before and after the reception? (or the ceremony and reception, if you're having both at the same venue.) Hair & makeup scheduling, guest transportation, first look coordination, wedding party photos, family photos, introductions, dances, speeches, traditions, cake-cutting - the list goes on. 


THERE IS ALWAYS SOMETHING. Uh oh. There are so many things to think about, how could you possibly do it all? Some of the more common things that pop up: 

Who takes home your cards and gifts at the end of the night?
Where do you want your bouquet placed at the reception?
Do any vendors need to be paid or tipped during/after the wedding?
Do you have a cake knife? (You'd be surprised at how many times a ratty old kitchen knife steps in on this one!)

Before I give away ALL my secrets - I'll leave you with this. A Venue Coordinator and a Wedding Planner are not the same. If you want a seamless day from start to finish - a Wedding Planner is your best bet. After months (sometimes years!) of planning, isn't your goal to have the best (stress-free) day ever? (Day-of and Month-of Coordination available, let's chat!)